Zephyr Snorkel

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The zephyr is a semi rigid snorkel with a splash guard to help prevent water from entering the snorkel at the surface. It has a purge valve, which makes it easy to clear.

It has an integrated corrugation zone where it’s slightly more flexible so it can reach your mouth.

The mouth piece pivots so you can turn it away when you’re using your regulator. It comes with an integrated mask clip

Aqualung Zephyr Snorkel features:

  • It has a splashguard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water from getting in
  • There is an elliptical purge valve at the bottom to make it easier to purge any water that makes it past the upper splash guard and purge channel
  • Integrated corrugation zone allows the snorkel to have the flexibility of a flex snorkel as well as the rigidity of a non-flex snorkel
  • The mouth piece rotates, creating an ergonomic fit that allows for reduced jaw fatigue
  • Comfobite mouthpiece doesn’t require teeth clenching and reduces jaw fatigue
  • Smaller size Comfobite mouthpieces are available
  • Comfobite mouthpieces are replaceable
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