Titanium Argonaut Knife

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The Argonaut Dive knife is designed to be durable and tough, in any scenario. The butt, handle, hilt and blade are all made of one piece of titanium, and is then coated in black EDP, sharpened and laser etched.

The handle is wrapped in 5mm paracord, twice over, and tied off with a 5’’ leash. The sheath is made of a heated and thermoformed 2mm thick piece of Kydex plastic, for maximum protection. The Argonaut comes in two styles: the Blunt and the Spartan. The Blunt is exactly that, a blunt chisel-like tipped knife. The Spartan has a spear head point tip. Both handles are half-wrapped from the hilt to make room for a forefinger, and the butt of the handle features a tactical tool and skeleton holes for hex wrenches in case of an emergency.

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