Titan Scuba Regulator

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This regulator is perfect for the diver that wants a rugged, easy to maintain regulator that performs well at an affordable price.
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Redesigned and reimagined

The third generation Titan regulator has been reimagined with intuitive functionality and excellent performance. With its travel-friendly features and fresh design, the Titan has received a well-deserved upgrade.

Great for travel

The all-new Titan makes for a great travel regulator. It integrates a lightweight feel with a compact design and rugged durability to work hard in several environments. Because the Titan doesn’t weigh a lot, it's easier to breathe with! This regulator is perfect for diving down south in beautiful Cozumel, Florida and the Bahamas.


The Titan regulator has a balanced-diaphragm first stage which results in high-performance at intermediate depths. The regulator is light and easy to breathe with, and is made specifically for warm water!


Above all, the Titan is an affordable regulator that will last. It’s design is rugged and is made to surpass the competition in its field. The price of the regulator is well worth all its features. Plus, the Titan is easy to maintain and requires minimum maintenance.

First Stage

  • Balanced diaphragm allows for easy breathing and high performance while protecting internal moving parts from the outer environment.
  • Compact T-Shape design provides optimal hose routing
  • Forged body is unique in using less brass for a more compact and light body
  • Polyurethane outer skin protects metallic parts from shocks
  • Both the MP and HP outlets are positioned specifically for a streamlined hose position
  • Yoke screw is open to avoid water retention

Second Stage

  • Features Aqua Lung’s Comfobite mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue
  • Mouthpiece clip is removable and reusable for quick changes in the field
  • Easy maintenance due to few components and easy access


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