The Explorer Package - Men

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The Explorer Package was designed with the adventurer in mind. Each piece of equipment in this package was carefully selected to offer you the best stock for your next journey.
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The pieces go above and beyond when it comes to versatility and endurance. Don’t get left behind on your next outing! All products included are Aqua Lung.

Axiom BCD:

The Axiom BCD features Aqua Lung’s new Wrapture™ harness, the SureLock II mechanical weight system, and GripLock™ tank bands that hold the cylinder securely in place. It has all the newest features to give you that well-deserved upgrade. Completely adjustable, the Axiom BCD also includes a super streamlined air cell design to reduce drag, making it out of the most streamlined jacket-style BCDs in the world! Five stainless steel D-rings make adding attachments easy, and the right shoulder pull dump is easy to locate.

CORE Supreme Regulator

The Core regulator is not only efficient and overbalanced for cold water, but is the 2015 Tester’s Choice. It features the Auto Closure Device on the first stage which keeps corrosive water out, pneumatically balanced second stage for smooth and easy breathing, a Venturi lever, and is compatible with EAN 40. The Core is resistant to freezing in waters colder than 10°C (50°F), which makes it the perfect upgrade from a warm-water only regulator. This regulator qualifies for free parts for life.

CORE Octopus

The Core Octopus provides the same great performance as the Core primary second stage with a highly efficient patent heat exchange ideal for cold water diving. With its high visibility colour, the Core is absolutely ideal. It features a pneumatically-balanced second stage, the Venturi lever, a heat exchanger, and Aqua Lung’s comfo-bite mouthpiece.

Aqualung Console with i300 Computer

The Aqua Lung i300 Computer Gauge is an upgrade from the 2-gauge option. The depth gauge is replaced with the i300 computer, which is uncomplicated and versatile.The pressure gauge shows you your remaining air pressure, as well as the temperature in one easy-to-read display. It is available in imperial or metric. The i300's sleek design, now mounted in a console and paired with a Pressure Gauge (2 gauge option), the combination makes your dive effortless.

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