The Essential Package

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The Essential Package is exactly that- essential. The equipment included in this package is made for the diver who enjoys to travel light with their own equipment, but still wants good, quality and dependable products.
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The products featured in The Essential Package are mainly suitable for fun diving down-south, and is the perfect option for the diver who likes to adventure while on vacation! All products included are Aqua Lung.

Titan Regulator  

The Titan Regulator is light, easy to breathe with, and is absolutely ideal for the travelling diver. It’s compact and made for warm and sunny weather! The second stage includes a Venturi lever, to prevent unwanted free-flow, as well as an exhaust tee to create finer bubbles, for less noise and more stability. The Titan is also extremely easy to maintain.

ABS Octopus

The ABS Octopus from Aqua Lung was made for those who like to travel light, but who don’t want to sacrifice the performance of the octopus. By exceeding the CE breathing requirements for regulators, it is clear that the ABS is both lightweight and a force to be reckoned with. Featuring a unique 120-degree angle between the hose and the mouthpiece, the ABS is ideal for emergency situations. You won’t have to fret about giving your buddy, in right or left hand positions, your air supply. The ABS also comes with a 39’’ yellow hose, to easily distinguish it from your primary source.


The Pro HD BCD is a great choice for the down-south diver. Made of Resistek™ material, this BCD will continue to look good even after dives in salt or chlorinated water. The Pro HD features the SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System, large utility pockets with two-way zippers, 5 stainless steel D-rings and a built-in carrying handle.

Analog 2-Gauge

The Analog 2-Gauge from Aqua Lung features a pressure gauge and a depth gauge, both with luminescent faces that make them easier to read in low-light environments. The pressure gauge shows you your remaining air pressure, as well as the temperature in one easy-to-read display. It is available in imperial or metric. The depth gauge features a high-fidelity depth scale for accuracy in shallow depths and also includes a maximum depth indicator. The 2-gauge console can be upgraded with a compass, or with an i300 computer (not included in package).

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