The slingshot is the most versatile fin. There are pure silicone power bands incorporated into the fin with a capacity to shift gears. Read more...

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You can get the fin tension you need whether you’re diving in cold water with heavy gear and a thick wetsuit or coasting in warm water with minimal gear. The gear shift offers the best speed-to-effort ratio based on the changing underwater environment and your own leg strength capability. With three settings that are easy to change while diving even with gloves on.

Slingshot fins features:

  • Blade attached to the foot pocket at the Mid-Foot Flex Joint takes the strain off the toes and ankles and allows the entire foot to power the fin.
  • The blade provides a range of motion up to five times that of a conventional fin.
  • Pure silicone Power Bands release their energy prior to the upstroke to provide an added boost of power, which avoids energy waste, adds thrust and lessens fatigue
  • The three speed Gear Shift is easy to shift during a dive even with gloves and allows your speed to effort ratio to fit your specific dive conditions
  • Slingshot fins are guaranteed for life