After years of research and testing, Aqua Lung presents the Reveal as one of the most comfortably fitting and innovative masks ever produced. The Reveal delivers on comfort, thanks to a soft silicone that conforms to almost every face. Read more...

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The new buckles feature a quick-button release system, which work even through thick gloves. The Reveal is available in single lens (Reveal X1) or dual lens (Reveal X2) versions.


Aqualung Reveal feature:

  • Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS) boasts wrap-around geometry, designed for a fit for many faces, and a soft fit.
  • The Spherical Silicone Head Band Strap is an innovative design for the silicone strap, in the shape of a sphere to perfectly and comfortably fit the diver’s head and keep the strap securely and comfortably in place
  • The one-touch button release allows for easy adjustment for the best fit. And the buckles are attached directly to the silicone skirt in order to provide stability on the face
  • HI-VIS technology molds the frame of the Reveal from two bright yellow and orange materials for increased visibility underwater
  • The single-lens version of the Reveal is the lightest single lens mask (non-frameless) on the market