Reveal X1 Diving Mask

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After years of research and testing, Aqua Lung presents the Reveal X1 as one of their most comfortable masks yet. Innovative and stylish, the Reveal X1 delivers on comfort thanks to a soft, crystal-clear silicone that conforms to almost every face.


Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt

Aqua Lung’s Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS) technology has redefined how masks fit faces. Designed to seal around a wide range of face shapes, the Reveal X1’s silicone skirt is extremely soft and thin, adding to underwater comfort. Straight out of the box, the Reveal X1’s skirt feels snug and streamlined. The Reveal X1 also features a textured nose pocket which allows for greater control when equalising, or balancing, the ears. The skirt is available either in a brilliantly clear silicone, perfect for letting in light, as well as a jet-black silicone, made for photography.

Quick Button Release System

The Reveal X1 features Aqua Lung’s redesigned quick-button release system. This feature was created with the adventurer in mind. Whether you’re drysuit diving, or just using extra thick gloves, the quick-button release system works every single time. The Reveal X1 includes a one-touch button to allow for easy adjustment for the best fit possible. With the button attached directly to the silicone, more stability is provided for the face.

Single-Lens Technology

The Reveal X1 is a single-lens mask. It’s innovative construction system makes it the lightest single-lens non-frameless mask available on the market. The single-lens system allows for a wide view of your dive, and is aesthetically pleasing for underwater selfies! Single-lens systems are just as durable as dual-lens systems.

Other Features

  • The Spherical Silicone Head Band Strap is an innovative design for the silicone strap, in the shape of a sphere to perfectly and comfortably fit the diver’s head and keep the strap securely and comfortably in place
  • HI-VIS technology molds the frame of the Reveal X1 from two bright yellow and orange materials for increased visibility underwater
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