Phazer ADJ Fins

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Winner of the 2018 ScubaLab Tester’s Choice Award for fins. The all-new Phazer fins from Aqua Lung use revolutionary composite wave rib technology to maximize movement and power.
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Achieve perfect balance and pair it with a powerful stride and energy-maximizing movement with the Phazer fins. Aqua Lung designed these fins with a tri-material construction and brand new advanced canalization system to provide users with optimal strength underwater. Engineered with specialization in mind, the Phazer fins are perfect for any condition.

Wave Rib Technology

The Phazer introduces revolutionary side ribs that will forever change the way you dive. Elastomeric rubber sections of the ribs work in conjunction with the wave-shaped structures to accumulate the energy from your kicks. The energy is then released during your next kick cycle, creating a solid and powerful yet easy kick. This makes the Phazer fins suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Tri-Material and Bungee Strap

With a tri-material construction, the Phazer optimizes every single area of the fin, including the foot-pocket, blade and side ribs. Difference and specific advanced materials are designed to get the best performance out of each kick. The Phazer fins are also equipped with new bungee straps and heel-pads so that they’re easy to take on and off on the boat.

Hydro Power Channel

The front of the foot pocket features an engineered channel so that water can flow through the blade. Classic-style fins include this feature because of the way it enhances efficiency and creates more power and stability. Professional divers as well as brand-new students will enjoy using the Phazer fin.

Canalization System

The Phazers feature an all-new canalization system. The blades have soft, TPR membrane to better canalize water during both the primary and recovery portions of the kick cycle.

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