Micromask Mask

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The design of the Micro mask offers the shortest distance from eye to lens. This proximity results in amazingly wide peripheral vision and an extremely low internal volume making it extremely easy to clear and perfect for free diving.


Its compactness is also ideal for reducing water drag or for carry-on travel.

Aqualung Micromask Mask features:

  • Patented design places lenses in the ocular orbit for vastly improved field-of-vision
  • Ultra low internal volume makes clearing nearly effortless and it reduces the upward pull caused by the buoyancy of a larger air space
  • Compact shape reduces water drag and improves stability, especially in a strong current.
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles rotate for a customized and pinch-free fit
  • Counter-posed push button activation make strap adjustments easy even with gloves and holds the strap securely in place
  • Headpiece on silicone strap conforms to the user’s head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit
  • High-grade silicone material allows the facial skirt to naturally mold to face for a leak-free seal
  • Shatterproof, tempered glass lenses suitable for diving and snorkeling meet ANSI standards
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