Aqualung Look 2 Midi Mask

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The Look 2 Midi fit mask is a narrower mask than the Look 2 making it perfect for faces too small to fitinto the Look 2. Assumed to be used by women, it comes in blue as well as pink and purple. This mask is
the perfect user-friendly solution for divers


It has lenses that can easily be swapped out for corrective ones and we supply a wide range of lenses for the near-sighted as well as the far-sighted. The lenses come with step-by-step instructions on how to swap them out but if you’re still having trouble one of the experts at Total Diving can show you how it’s done. Its strong 2-lens frame and skirt makes it suitable for almost all faces.

Aqualung Look 2 Midi Mask features:

  • Comfortable universal fit
  • Low-volume easy to clear 2-lens design
  • Great visibility
  • Cardanic joint buckles provide maximum adjustability and comfort
  • Corrective lenses available
  • Midi Fit made for smaller faces
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