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This mask has solved all of the problems women have with masks. It has a tangle free buckle system so your hair doesn’t get caught in it and pulled uncomfortably.


Its lenses are positioned to be close to the eyes so it can give a wide field of view while remaining compact so it’s easier to clear than other masks.

It has “Advanced Fit Technology” meaning it uses textured bands of silicone around the skirt to create a superior leak-free seal while reducing impression lines left on your face after a dive. This mask is incredibly easy to clear which makes it perfect for women as well as free-divers or anyone who wants to reduce in-water drag. Its one-lens design is also more flattering than traditional two-lens masks, which makes it perfect for being photographed underwater.

Aqualung Linea Mask Features:

  • The Comfort Buckle System (CBS) prevents hair from getting tangled in the buckles
  • Advanced Fit Technology silicone bands on the skirt improve seal and reduce impression lines on the face after a dive
  • Close proximity of lenses to eyes gives a wider field of view while maintaining a low internal volume making it easier to clear and reducing in-water drag
  • Counterposed push button activation of the mask strap makes adjustments fast and easy, even when wearing gloves, and ensures the straps will stay in place once adjusted
  • Wide headpiece on silicone strap adapts to the diver’s head making it more comfortable
  • High-grade silicone makes the skirt more flexible and mold naturally around facial features
  • Shatterproof, tempered glass lenses that are suitable for diving as well as snorkeling and meet ANSI standards
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