Infinity Diving Mask

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The infinity is a comfortable low-volume mask with an unrivaled field of vision. Its lenses are positioned close to the eyes for a larger field of view that maintains a low internal volume.

The field of view is improved even more by increasing peripheral vision capabilities with side lenses.

This mask is perfect for both diving and snorkeling and has many features that make it more comfortable and gives better visibility than your average mask including easy mask clearing and mask strap adjustments.

Aqualung Infinity mask features:

  • The close-to-eyes frame creates a low-profile mask with an excellent field of view
  • The cardanic joint buckles provide maximum adaptability and comfort
  • The quick counterposed push button activation makes the straps easy to adjust even when wearing gloves and ensures the straps stay in place once adjusted
  • Available in a variety of stylish colours
  • Side lenses are made of an optical quality polymer that gives brighter vision and increases side light
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