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There is no better dive computer than the i100 for the brand new diver. Simple one-button navigation to select from the four operating modes makes it easy to use, while still looking sleek.


Entry-level excellence

Despite being a beginner dive computer, the i100 is loaded with the features you need to be a successful diver. Some entry-level computers can seem daunting with features that don’t always seem necessary. The i100 keeps you safe while still coming in a compact design and for a great price.

Four operating modes

The i100 comes with four operating modes to better serve you as a diver. The modes include Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive. Free Dive mode allows you to track calculations while still allowing a switch between DIVE and FREE modes. Having a Free Dive mode available on the i100 eliminates the need for a seperate computer specifically for apnea or spearfishing. The i100 is also compatible with up to 2 Nitrox gases.

User changeable battery

Replacing the i100ss battery is easy and can be done in even the most remote corners of the globe. The battery itself is standard and can be found at most supermarkets or pharmacies anywhere. Between battery changes, the i100 also maintains its settings and calculations, so that you’ll never lose your precious dive information.


One-button navigation

Some dive computers can be tricky with different kinds of buttons that lead to different menus. The i100 eliminates this problem with a single button for navigation through the computer’s menus and algorithm. This makes using the computer in different situations underwater a lot easier. You won’t have to think about which is the right bottom because there’s only one.

Safety Alarms

The i100 features audible alarms to create a dive computer that will warn you in time to make the best decision for you and your buddy underwater. Additionally, the i100 also features a high-visibility LED warning light to grab your attention in case of an emergency.

Other Main Features:

  • User-updatable software allows access to latest features and upgrades
  • Includes Pre-Dive planning feature to preview your next adventure
  • Water activation
  • History Mode features total number of dives, maximum depth, total hours and lowest temperature
  • Nitrox mix of up to 100% O2
  • Selection between salt or freshwater
  • Altitude adjusts automatically to ensure an accurate profile
  • adjustment ensures an accurate profile
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