Fusion Essence with DryCore Drysuit

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The Fusion Essence was designed to fit women properly without breaking the bank. Plus, it has all the essential features that make it comfortable and flexible.

Flexible Outer Layer and GaterTech Neoprene

The lightweight outer layer of the Fusion Essence was designed to move with you. Made of stretchable spandex skin, you won’t feel weighed down while exploring. Plus, with added neoprene in high wear areas, your suit won’t thin out and break. Aqua Lung’s GatorTech neoprene covers the knees to improve the life of the skin.

Latex Seals

The latex seals on the Fusion Essence keep water out of the neck and wrists. High-stretch latex won’t wear down as easily as other brands and will stay study throughout your dives.


The Fusion Essence’s interior layer is made of Aqua Lung’s patented DryCore. This feature has set the standard for drysuit durability and ease of maintenance. DryCore is made of a Military Grade multilaminate material which makes repairs even easier. With fewer seams than the competitor, DryCore technology produces fewer leaks and is guaranteed to last.

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