The elastic “armadillo” hinge at the base of the blade absorbs energy during the power stroke andreleases at the end of the kick cycle to maximize thrust like the Power Bands of the Slingshot. Read more...

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These open-heel fins are perfect for local diving and generally colder temperature water because they are to be used with dive boots. They have a powerful, compact blade and they come in a wide selection of colours. The rubber side ribs minimize energy lost to spill-over. The Mid-foot Flex Joint reduces the strain on ankles and toes and allows the entire foot to be used. This results in extreme comfort.

Aqualung Express SS Adj Fin features:

  • The armadillo membrane at the base of the blade provides a power boost on every kick.
  • The rubber side ribs channel water down the fin, minimizing wasted energy.
  • A Mid-Foot Flex Joint attaches the blade to the side of the foot pocket maximizing energy transfer and reducing the strain on the ankles and toes.
  • The streamlined foot pocket provides an ergonomic fit for excellent energy.
  • Anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the foot pocket give traction for moving around.