i200C Bluetooth Dive Computer

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New Design and Bluetooth! The i200’s sleek and compact design looks like a sports watch that’s ready to dive whenever you are.

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Only expensive and highly technical dive computers feature Bluetooth technology for uploading and downloading information. Now, the same Bluetooth capability is available to a user-friendly entry-level dive computer. The i200C features the multi-button surface. For years, the i200 has been a dependable computer for beginner divers who want features they can understand. The i200C is a game-changer with easy Bluetooth compatibility features.

Intuitive and sporty

Between its 4 operating modes ,a user-changeable standard battery, the ability to easily switch between 2 Nitrox mixes, as well as no restriction switching between Free & Dive, it adapts to your style and your life. Wear it anywhere from the office, to the gym, to your next dive.

4 operating modes

The i200C dive computer features 4 diving modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer) and Free Dive. The Free Dive feature also tracks calculations to allow unrestricted switching between Dive and Free modes. These modes are perfect for your next computer, since your first might not accomodate Nitrox diving. The Free Dive mode eliminates the need for a separate computer for when you feel like diving in without a tank. The i200C grows with you.

Switch between up to 2 Nitrox mixes

Many dive computers on today’s market are extremely expensive, without even having the option to switch between Nitrox mixes. The i200C allows you to use up to 2 Nitrox mixes, which can be up to 100% O2 without any sort of restriction.

User-changeable battery

Replacing the i200Cs battery is easy and can be done in even the most remote corners of the globe. The battery itself is standard and can be found at most supermarkets or pharmacies anywhere. Between battery changes, the i200C also maintains its settings and calculations.

High visibility LED alarm light

Diving safety can never be understated, which is why Aqua Lung created the i200C with a high-visibility LED alarm light. It’s the perfect addition to grab your attention if needed while having fun underwater.

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