Fusion Sport with Air Core

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The Fusion Sport Drysuit from Aqua Lung combines all your favourite drysuit features to create a flexible, lightweight, and compact piece of equipment perfect for travelling. You won’t find a drysuit that will make you feel more mobile underwater.

Patented Twin Layer System

The Patented Twin Layer System from Aqua Lung makes the Fusion Sport more mobile, flexible and adaptable than its competitors. The system refers to how the Fusion drysuits from Aqua Lung and Apeks feature a loose-cut inner core that molds to the body with an independent elastic outer skin that provides extra movement in the arms, legs, and torso. The Twin Layer System integrates drysuit features such as zippers, valves, seals, and is made to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Lightweight and Compact

The Fusion Sport was created for the travelling diver. Whether you pack a full extra suitcase or just a carry-on, this suit was designed to move with you. The extremely durable heavy-duty Spandex Skin outer layer streamlines you while protecting the inner AirCore. Plus, all seams are flatlock sewn for extra stretch and durability. This skin is Aqua Lung’s lightest!

AirCore Technology

AirCore technology from Apeks and Aqua Lung is the latest update to their wide range of drysuits. An alternative to the traditional DryCore, the AirCore trilaminate breathable material provides additional comfort during and after dives by reducing overheating. Loved by divers everywhere, AirCore technology has many features such as less leaks, superior performance, an extra layer of protection, and user-repairable material.

Seal Lock Technology (SLT Seals)

The Fusion Sport comes standard with Seal Lock Technology seals on the wrists and neck. This feature is the perfect addition to any drysuit, because it means you can replace your seals in the field if need be. Rather than wait for a work order to be complete, or sent back to the manufacturer, just replace your silicone dry seals in a few minutes and get back to diving. Plus, the SLT system keeps you drier than traditional latex seals!

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