XTX 50 Octopus

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The Apeks XTX50 Octo is the perfect alternate air source to marry with the Apeks XTX50 Regulator.
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Top of the line, the Apeks XTX50 includes all the features and performance found in the XTX50 regulator second stage. With its high visibility cover, and yellow braided flexi-hose, you will be able to spot XTX Octopus at all times.

Based upon the XTX50 second stage

  • Includes left/right reversibility, cold water capability and the performance you would expect from an Apeks pneumatically balanced valve
  • Diver-adjustable controls for opening effort and venturi control
  • Excellent cold-water performance due to the highly efficient heat exchanger
  • The unit has a high visibility yellow front cover, yellow accent pieces and a 36" yellow hose
  • Ratcheting venturi
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