WTX Surelock Weight System

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The Apeks WTX collection offers unparalleled versatility because of its modular nature.
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This accessory is an essential for when you want to add weight to your rig. It can be bolted to the WTX harness or to the SureLock™ Attachments with its included hardware. The SureLock system is the best mechanical weight release system ever made. All you need is to hear a click to know they are secured in place and to pull on the handles to release them.

Apeks WTX Surelock Weight System Features

  • Bolts directly to the WTX Harness
  • Can be mounted on the back plate using SureLock™ attachments
  • Includes more than enough attachment
  • On the outside of each pocket are 2” stainless adjustable D-rings
  • Weights are only released when you want them to be thanks to SureLock™ (patented) mechanical weight release buckles
  • Holds up to 4.5kg (10 lbs) of lead each
  • Aqualung knives can be mounted on the attachment grommets that are included
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