Trim pockets (2) 5 lbs

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Add the ultimate accessory to your BCD.
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The Apeks Trim Pockets were originally designed to be the perfect addition to your sidemount rig. However, these pockets work with all Apeks BCDs, making it an essential. Use these pockets to increase the weight capacity of your vest for different dives, or to trim your orientation in the water.

Features and Specs

Each accessory pocket can easily hold up to 5 lbs (2.2 kg) of lead weight, making them a worthwhile attachment. The pockets slide easily onto the tank band, and the loops are large enough to pass over most tank band buckles. The pockets are made of a double-sided Armoguard material, making them extremely durable and functional. Nickel plated brass grommets allow for mounting to SureLock Attachment Plates using the mounting screw kit.

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