Single Cylinder Wings WTX-D18

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The WTX and WTX-D Series is a structured group of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories which brings both versatility and intuition to its modular-type system.
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Each component of the system can be arranged to be highly technical for divers trained to push the limit, or adjusted to make a travel friendly set up suitable for any diver. Single cylinder wings are oval shaped air cells that are not permanently attached to a harness, and are referred to as donuts. While single cylinder wings were originally created for the technical diver, they are becoming very popular for recreational users as well. Not only are these single cylinder wings streamlined, but due to their shape being a continuous loop, they offer stability underwater. Say goodbye to dramatic shifts in air.

Apeks single cylinder wings are a rugged design that allows a cylinder to nest inside them. These wings compare well to the rest of the Apeks WTX collection of high quality harnesses, plates and accessories. They can be configured in various ways to match both the diver and the dive. Built from fine quality materials, they are designed and assembled by Apeks.

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