Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding performance and reliability. Read more...

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The Apeks RK3 is a rugged thermoplastic rubber fin featuring an over-sized foot pocket to accommodate drysuit boots and a spring strap for easy donning and doffing.


Short wide blade provides maximum forward thrust while maintaining great manoeuvrability, which makes it perfect for divers who use a breaststroke kick rather than a freestyle kick. Extremely durable and built to withstand the toughest environments, temperatures and abuse. Material provides remarkable propulsion. Size requirements vary depending on if they will be used with a drysuit boot or a wetsuit boot.

APEKS RK3 fins features:

  • Design is standard gear issue fin for military, special ops, coast guard and public safety divers for decades
  • All rubber design
  • Short wide blade provides maximum forward thrust while maintaining great manoeuvrability
  • Vented blade reduces resistance on upstroke and enhances thrust on down stroke
  • Vents eliminate vortexes along the back of the blade
  • Material designed to hold up in the toughest environments, temperatures and abuse
  • Two large grommet holes designed to fit a karabiner for easy storage
  • Easy don and doff spring straps
  • Buckle holds spring strap in optimal position
  • Design allows easy replacement of springs if necessary
Scott McGgregor
15-02-2018 19:50

I love my RK3's they are light weight and neutrally bouyant, I get great propulsion and can easily reverse kick at will. To me these are perfect with one tiny setback - they are just a little light for drysuit diving, when my feet tend to float I would need about a 1 pound weight on each foot. that's it !

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